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Furthermore, as different codices gained popularity in particular regions of the expanding Islamic empire, the need arose for an official codex.According to classical Muslim sources, the variations dealt with subtleties of pronunciations and accents (qirāʿāt) and not with the text itself which was transmitted and preserved in a culture with a strong oral tradition.By the ninth century CE a universally accepted orthography and system of vocalization of the ʿUthmānic codex was fixed. 805), predominates in most areas of the Muslim world today.This helped to reduce a multitude of variant readings to seven equally valid ones. The royal Egyptian edition of 1924, which follows this reading and has itself become a standard text has further contributed to its popularity.This concept is central in the history of Qurʿānic authenticity and extends to certain sayings by Muḥammad, referred to as ḥadīth, which places them in strength and validity among other reports of ḥadīth.The crystallization of the Qurʿān as a written text was a long process, and its early stages were shaped by political, theological, and juristic exigencies.Tradition reports that when revelation came to the Prophet, he fell into a trancelike state.During such times he is said to have seen Gabriel either in human guise or in his angelic form.

This Gabriel repeated three times with the command “Read” (iqrāʿ ).

muṣḥaf) of the Qurʿān, which they used in their prayers and private devotions.

Other collections were made by the Prophet's amanuenses, known as the scribes of revelation.

Some of its verses were circumstantially determined by the social and religious conditions and questions of the Prophet's society, yet the Qurʿān is believed to transcend time and space.

The Qurʿān is for Muslims the literal word of God revealed to the prophet Muḥammad through the archangel Gabriel.

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According to some reports, at the beginning the Prophet found the experience overwhelming and the voice, he said, sound-ed loud and hard like that of the ringing of a bell.

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